Use Cases

Recruitment process

HR chatbots can simplify recruitment process by getting information from the applicants, doing background checks or even preliminary interviews. Do not waste your valuable time for manual, repetitive and rule-based tasks.

Employee management

Let the chatbot answer FAQ. Allow your people to support more complicated requests at the same time. Don’t bore your valuable employees with easy but time consuming job - give it to your chatbot.

Lead generation

Use the potential of a chatbot to support your customer’s journey and close the sale. Be active at every step of the journey - answer questions about products, ensure about time of the delivery, confirm the payment. You can do all of it and even more using the chatbot.

Lead nutrition

Be proactive with your customers. Keep in touch with them not only at the customer support point of contact. Use your chatbot to inform your clients about important events like the end of the contract, new products delivery, new promotion or even give them a birthday wishes - through the chatbot of course.